Friday, December 3, 2010

4 DEC 2010

Insya'Allah tomorrow I'll be taking

SAT 2 (Subject Tests)
[Mathematics Level 2]
[Biology E/M]

May Allah grant what's the best for me, ameen..~

*FYI, SAT 2 can be said as one of the tickets to enter certain universities in USA(especially top universities)~


Anonymous said...

InsyaAllah akh..tawakkal tu 'Allah..ameen~

Anonymous said...

salam, kena buat bio jgk ke kalau baut econs?

Anonymous said...


~ ZuBaYr AiZaiNi~ said...

oh, ni external exams ticket to enter some of the universities there.. SAT 2 has 20 subjects all together.. language subjects(arabic x de), maths subjects, literature n history n sciences.. so, just need to select 2 or three..~


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