Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Campus Life !

Assalamu'alaykum to all readers..

Syukur pada Illahi
Kerna hari ini
Kita masih dalam
iman dan Islam..

(petikan lagu "ahlan dan syukur": Najahan)

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah for all his givings' especially IMAN and ISLAM. Time passes so fast,seriously because my 6 month holiday is over and I'm now an INTECian, not a school boy anymore. Now I'm taking American Degree Foundation Programme(ADFP) for 1 year and going to fly to USA next year(Insya'Allah, ameen!). My first week at INTEC was superb, we had Minggu Mesra Siswa(MMS). I had great time with my facilitator, Andrew Law(so-called wizard because in his mind is full of surprising 'teka-teki' and tricks)Actually I can't explain much because not having my own laptop yet and having short of time. So overall, its ok living in INTEC and I really hope that the jemaah for prayers is always full like in the MMS week.. From now on, many "work" to do! So, let's get to work!

That's all, may Allah bless us! Baarakallhu fiikum..

Let's Improve ourselves!
"Everyone is great and have their own special abilities.."



muhammad92 said...

terus tsabat akh..~
doakan ana jgk..^_^

+akufobia+ said...

pehhpehhpehh.sempat promote di situ.

hitoride said...


Muhammad said...

Doaku bersamamu ya akh! You're destined 4 greatness insya-Allah!

Anonymous said...

c'mon bayr !


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